Top Steps to Find a Job in 2020

If you feel like your job doesn't add to you anymore, maybe it's time for you to look for a new one. Just follow these steps to help you in your job hunt.
If you feel like your job doesn't add to you anymore, maybe it's time for you to look for a new one. Just follow these steps to help you in your job hunt.

Our world is consistently changing. Nowadays, there are new technologies emerging and we’ve never been more globally linked. That tells us the skills we use now in the workplace are not essentially the skills we’ll use in the future.  A lot of things in our career life will be changed. The job market keeps on changing because of disruptive technologies, climate change, natural resource limitations, population, green energy, and global conflicts, the world is being shaped towards the careers needed for the future. You may feel you’ve accomplished all you can in your current job and you are reevaluating where you are and where you want to be. Then this could be the best time for you to start job hunting. We are here to help you get to your goal and not to feel lost and overwhelmed. Here you are the steps to follow to find a suitable job in 2020;

1. Be always ready& up-to-date

Pay great attention to your professional development. Companies are willing to invest in professional development for their use, but you can always invest in yourself. Be aware of the latest trends in your field and try to get the skills needed to be at the top.

2. Update your resume

Make sure you constantly add the skills you gained along your career, specifically the ones that are more relevant to the post you are applying for. Start by highlighting your key achievements and ensuring that your CV matches every role you apply to. Don’t forget to add in a personal statement where necessary. Good self-marketing will help you to stand out from the competition

3. Consider remote working jobs

The future of employment appears to be in remote working professionals based away from the office tending to be highly skilled. Especially with the spread of COVID 19, many companies are adopting the work-from-home strategy when possible. It actually lowers the company costs and with fewer people commuting on daily basis, we’d have less traffic, less pollution, and less likelihood of spreading the virus. You should consider remote working as an option for the next step in your career.

4. Build a network

According to a new study, Almost 80% of the vacancies are closed by referrals and recommendations that they don’t get advertised from the very beginning. So make sure to build a strong network and maintain contact with valuable acquaintances.

5. Use social media

Recruitment websites are not the only place you could find jobs anymore. Tons of jobs are posted on different social media platforms. You will find jobs not only on LinkedIn, but Facebook and Twitter are filled with announcements as well. So make sure you check different platforms and apply for different vacancies that suit you.

6. Don’t stop applying

Don’t stop applying till you get the job you are looking for. You shouldn’t expect that you will get a job just because you sent your CV. HR departments receive tons of applications for every job opening they announce. Hence, you need to seek any vacancies that suit you until you get the job offer you were waiting for.

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