Top Tips to Get a Call Back from a Recruiter

Apply these top tips to increase your chances of passing the interview stage and get hired.
Apply these top tips to increase your chances of passing the interview stage and get hired.

When it comes to job hunting, we all go through the process of the interview several times till we get selected. Some people could go through hundreds of interviews and don’t get passed that stage no knowing why. We are here to let you know more about how to get a call back from a recruiter after an interview.

You have to know that it could be the little things that distinguish a candidate from the rest. Each vacancy usually receives tens (or even hundreds) of applicants, they get filtered via their CVs and cover letters and then a few get invited to be interviewed. This is the stage where a recruiter evaluates your attitude and professionalism. So take a look at these to tips to increase your chances of getting a call back;

1. Show your professionalism as early as your first contact with a recruiter

You have to show how professional you are even when it comes to taking your business phone calls. When a recruiter calls you for an interview, make sure that you are in a quiet place and that you can hear them well. Pullover if you are driving, go to a quiet room if you are having some guests. If you can’t offer that, ask to return their call another time.

2. Leave no room for mistakes

If you are looking for a job opportunity, you are probably applying to several companies that you can’t even recall all their names. To avoid any confusion and ensure your presence at the right place on time, write down the name and the address of the company when a recruiter invites you to an interview.

3. Do your research

Search for the company’s website and read carefully its vision, mission, core values, and its history. You could also search for the company’s page on all the social media channels (LinkedIn – Glass door-Facebook- etc) to get acquainted with their latest projects and activities and check out reviews. It also helps to Google the name of the company and see what is going to appear, it could help a lot. 

4. Connect to an employee

You can get some inside info by contacting some of the company’s employees on LinkedIn or social media, let them know that you are invited to an interview there, and ask them for their advice. You can also ask about the company culture, career path, work environment, and turnover rate. In addition, you may search for ex-employees of the company and ask them why they left and whether they have some advice for you.

5. Get to know your interviewer

Search for the profile of your interviewer(s) and read them very well. You could learn that you have something in common (for instance, you could have gone to the same college) and use that to break the ice.

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